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Rua Dr António Bernardino de Almeida n432 4200-072 Porto


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muchBeta is a SaaS a service developer company, founded in June 2008 as now 3 solution on the market.
We are a portuguese start-up, with 7 members, located in Vila Nova de Gaia by the Douro River.

Our mission is to develop smart SaaS solutions for corporate market with the best service associated


Competitor doing the same, giving the same output of firms profitability and productivity, is only one in US. Other solutions are focus on the legal process it self and not so much on the legal activity as a business, so almost no one has the same approch.
The difficulties, same times, are mostly 2: the first is that some of those software have a timesheet that is the core initial part of LawRD and the second is with the lawyers them selfs that are not used to fill a timesheet to manage their working time.
If this culture is changing the first difficulty must be overcome by the development of a better API to turn the input on the desktop software into the output that LawRD offers.
We’ll also offer a new dashboard to control, at once, all daily activities and a mobile solution first to iPhone and iPad devices.

Openess and Compliance
We care about standard rules for APIs and have all possible care with security accesses to our solutions using https 256bits protocols and info encrypted


LawRD gives to lawyers firms answers they never had until now. With our ‘reports on demand’ our clients now know, how is working, getting new clients, invoicing, receiving and how profitable each one is in genneral or for each cliente or matter.
With LawRD lawyers now who are the good clients, who is paying, who just make us lose time. They know what kind of matters are profitable and how all the business is going, on the fly.

We’ve costumer testimonial of 40% profitability increase in 6months !

With LawRD you now all the time or money earned (lost) for each ‘matter’ or per client, what is in course or done, what was spend and earn by each one, what we need to do to whom to get financial issues to the right track

It costs just €14month per user (US$19 and 39$reais in Brazil) and it offers a great costumer service with less than 1hour medium answer time

LawRD is a tool for total control lawyers activities as a business, and muchBeta is always working to improve it.


Cliente Testimonies or best awards !

“I’m overwhelmed with your swiftness and efficacy.
I have to confess that it’s a pleasure to complain, when one gets an answer like this.”

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