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Rua Dr António Bernardino de Almeida n432 4200-072 Porto


EuroCloud Portugal Call for Business 2011

EuroCloud Portugal Call for Business 2011 aims at helping Portuguese companies and entrepreneurs to foster their business and ideas.

The EuroCloud Portugal Call For Business is an opportunities forum which aims at offering a discussion and brainstorming ecosystem where Cloud Computing business opportunities are shared among companies; independent entrepreneurs; marketing, business and technology experts; researchers and R&D centers.

What are the goals:

  • drive companies, entrepreneurs, researchers and graduated students to identify and understand business and development opportunities brought by Cloud Computing;
  • help companies, already in the Cloud Computing business, to disseminate their “cloud view”, their solutions and to identify partnership opportunities;
  • explore R&D centers ability to find proper solutions to complex problems, share their expertise, research outcomes and their ability to grab and hold new opportunities;
  • create a space where entrepreneurs, researchers and graduated students can discuss their ideas and projects;
  • work with business angels and investors to identify new investing and business opportunities;
  • help Portuguese and European companies transforming the European Cloud Computing market in a Cloud Computing reference.

What is the theme?
Disruptive and innovative projects aiming at internationalization.

The  EuroCloud Portugal Call for Business 2011 forum will be part of CloudViews 2012 Conference, which will be held in the 17th and 18th of October.